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Grateful Album

Brett Raio's Grateful Album (remastered) features new songs "All Things" and "Focus (Remix)" w/ Charlie Carbone and Levante Joyner. Listen to the full remastered project.

A large number of major food and drink brands across The United States and around the world have partnered with San Diego-based company "Senomyx" which has created a flavor enhancer using the cell lines of an electively aborted human being. See the complete list.

La Palma Volcano

Canary Island of La Palma, Spain. This morning around 10:00am, the Cumbre Vieja volcano at La Palma has finally erupted after days of earthquakes resulting in over 5,000 recorded tremors. This article serves as a notification and warning of a possible tsunami...

Antifa Violently Attacks Christian Prayer Event

Portland, Oregon. This month in Portland, friendly neighborhood antifa chose to violently attack a group of Christians holding a prayer event. People worshipping God were attacked with pepper-spray, flash-bombs, black paint, rotten eggs, and even chunks of concrete were thrown at attendees of the Christian prayer event.

Best Soulful Guitars

There's no doubt that the art of music stirs and inspires us. Whether it's Brett Raio's Invalid or one of the tracks from the VITALITY album, the lyrics and sound compels us to tap our hands and feet and join along. This shows that sounds positively influence our soul, stirring us into action and leading us into a greater purpose. Read more...


Be encouraged and edified. "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid." - Matthew 5:14.

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Early Morning

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Stay - Remix

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