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Stay (Remix) - Brett Raio x Trust'N

Stay, the remix w/ Trust’N. This song is an elaboration on the original song, Stay, about the indecisive conclusion to a relationship, an on again, off again departing.

Release Date / October 31, 2019

Recorded by / Brett Raio, Trust'N

Produced by / Jake Wertman

Written by / Brett Raio, Trust'N

Lyric Video by / Brett Raio

Featured in Vents Magazine, Thisis50, Stereo Stickman, and more.

Excerpt from the articles:

"Trust’N and Brett Raio are two up and coming influencers and musicians. With a combined following of almost 100,000 users on Instagram these two are powerhouses in the independent music industry. The two met though Instagram and slowly became more acquainted with each other as time went on. After encouraging each other for quite some time, Brett and Trust’N decided it was time to collaborate..."

“Stay” is collaborative effort between Trust’N and Brett Raio. The artists decided to work on a song together after connecting and becoming friends. Stay is about letting go of someone after loving them. It’s for the people who didn’t stay even when one person cared. You can fight for them but in the end you’ll have to painfully let them go.

Read more to view the full This is 50 article on the new single, Stay (Remix)!


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